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Arts Commission

  1. Rotational Art Display Application

    The City of Coon Rapids is pleased to invite artists to submit proposals to be considered as part of the Rotational Art Display Program... More…

Assessing Department

  1. Assessing Scheduling Form

    Residents may send information to assist in scheduling assessing appointments.

Civic Center & Riverwind Community Building

  1. Alcoholic Beverage Provider Permit Application

    Fill out and submit form at least 30 days before the event. Must include the current food service and alcohol license as well as the... More…

  2. Civic Center Policy

    For the purpose of establishing fee charges for the use of city facilities, users are based on four classifications of priority.

  1. Civic Center & Riverwind Community Building Rental Information Request

    Basic information needed to give you the most accurate information and fees possible.

Community Development

  1. 2024 Smart Controller Interest Form

    Submit your email to receive a notification if another smart controller online store becomes available in 2024. Purchase is not... More…

  1. Green Homes Rebate Form

    Application to request rebates from the City of Coon Rapids for energy efficiency home improvements. Applicant(s) must be a resident of... More…

CTN-Coon Rapids Community TV Network

  1. Cable Complaint Form

    Cable complaint form for Xfinity (formerly Comcast)cable television which can be filed after you have tried to contact the company and... More…

  1. Community Calendar Submission Form

    Form to submit a community event, which will display on City's website.


  1. ADA Request for Access

    Request for Access form involving ADA requests.

  2. Engineering Technical Assistance Request
  3. Right-Of-Way Use Registration

    Each person who occupies, uses, or seeks to occupy or use the right-of-way or any equipment located in the right-of-way, including by... More…

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Grievance Form

    Form for accessibility concerns.

  2. Input Form - Fiber Optic Cable/Broadband Installation

    Complete this form to ask questions or share concerns regarding installation of fiber optic cable in City right of way. The City of... More…

  3. Traffic Review Committee

    Citizens are welcome to submit ideas involving traffic issues to the Traffic Review Committee. Fill out this form and a City staff... More…


  1. Coon Rapids Community Tree Lighting Festival - Tree Donation Interest Form

    Do you have a large evergreen tree you would consider donating to the next Coon Rapids Community Tree Lighting Festival? Fill out this... More…

  1. Rocky Mascot Volunteer Signup

    Complete this form to sign up for volunteers hours serving as Rocky the Raccoon (wearing the mascot costume) at Coon Rapids community... More…

Fire Department

  1. Emergency Contact & Annual Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detector Test Report

    The Fire Department performs yearly inspections to ensure the safety of our residents. This form assists building managers with the... More…

  1. Fire Department Explorers Program

    Form to inquire about signing up for the Fire Department Explorers Program.


  1. Townhome Association Contact Form

    Send us your townhome association contact information - this is helpful if the City needs to contact your homeowner association.

Human Resources

  1. Coon Rapids Safety Champion Award Nomination Form

    The City of Coon Rapids uses a nomination and award system to recognize employees who identify significant improvements to workplace... More…

Ice Center

  1. Ice Center Online Rental Request Form

    Form to request Ice Center rental.

Parks & Recreation

  1. Adopt-A-Park Program Interest Form

    If you are interested in helping out with Coon Rapids' parks, one of our 4 programs in the Adopt-A-Park program may be just for you!

  2. Business Sponsorship Pledge Form

    Fill out this form if you are interested in sponsoring one of several Coon Rapids events or recreational programming

  3. Park Shelter and Building Information Request

    Basic information needed to give you the most accurate information and fees possible.

  1. Athletic Field Reservation Request

    To submit an athletic field reservation request.

  2. Park Reservation/Event Permit Application

    Please complete this form to request a reservation for exclusive use of athletic fields in Coon Rapids.

Police Department

  1. Commendation or Complaint Report
  2. Community Watch Team Registration

    The Community Watch Team is a list of residents interested in receiving resources about how to formally connect with your neighbors,... More…

  3. Multicultural Advisory Committee Application
  4. Request for Information

    There may be times in which our office cannot process your request due to limitations within the State of Minnesota Data Practices... More…

  1. Community Outreach & Education Request Form

    The Coon Rapids Police Department values the opportunity to speak with community groups about safety, crime prevention and other topics... More…

  2. Coon Rapids Police Explorer Application

    Application to apply to be a Police Explorer for the City of Coon Rapids, MN

  3. PEP Talk Interest Form

    Coon Rapids Police are passionate about public education and crime prevention. Sign up for a PEP Talk to request a visit from a police... More…

  4. Speed Trailer Request

    The Coon Rapids Police Department has a Radar Speed Monitoring Trailer. This unit may be deployed in known high traffic and high speed... More…


  1. Vendor Registration Form

    Form to register vendor commodities with the City of Coon Rapids

Recycling Department

  1. Ask the Sustainability Specialist

    Do you have questions about sustainability related to your home, yard or business? Send your questions to the sustainability specialist... More…

  2. How do I recycle this item?

    Have an item you don't know how to dispose of properly? Let us help!

  3. Interest Form - Organized Hauling Committee

    Complete this form to express interest in participating in an exploratory committee to research organized hauling.

  4. Organics Recycling User Survey 2023

    Thank you for participating in the City of Coon Rapids organics recycling user study. The information collected will help us improve... More…

  1. Community Sustainability Partner Recognition Program (CSP) Application

    Fill out this application to apply for the Community Sustainability Partner Recognition Program (CSP).

  2. Input Form - Organized Hauling Feedback

    Complete this form to provide public input about organized hauling. The input will be provided to City Council, staff and members of... More…

  3. Multi-Unit Recycling Education - Annual Reporting Form for Managers

    Managers of multi-unit and apartment communities are required to provide yearly recycling education to residents. Managers are required... More…

  4. Recycling Center Tour Request

    Recycling Center tours are available for all groups and most ages. We recommend children be at least 2nd grade to understand and enjoy... More…

Utility Billing

  1. Moving Request Form (Buying or Selling a home)

    This form is used to notify the Utility Billing staff at the City of Coon Rapids of an upcoming sale or purchase of a property.