Investigations Division

The Investigation Division is responsible for investigating crimes after the initial report is taken by a patrol officer. The day-to-day operations of the unit are handled by a Sergeant, while the overall unit reports to the Captain of Investigations. The unit's case load is managed by using solvability factors model. This model is nationally known for its methodology in solving crime. The members of the unit also work on pro-active crime prevention missions in addition to their daily duties. The members of the unit are some of the finest and well-respected officers in the state.

The Investigation Division is made up of three different sub-units: General Investigations, School Liaison Officers (SLO) and C.O.P.P.S. (Community Oriented Police and Problem Solving)

The Investigation Captain also assists the Patrol Division with Crime Analysis through our crime mapping and analytical tools provided by BAIR Analytics. Some of the tools that are used are "hot-spot" and predictive maps so that the Patrol Sergeants can direct and focus patrol officers on emerging problem areas.