Organics Recycling

Recycle your kitchen scraps, discarded leftovers, spoiled food and some paper products through our organics program at the Recycling Center. This will reduce the waste you place at the curb saving you money and benefiting the environment.


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Organics Recycling Drop-Off

Our organics drop off container is outside our gates allowing 24 hour access.

Bring your bagged organics to the Coon Rapids Recycling Center. The container is clearly labeled "Organic Recycling" and sits in the right corner as you enter the lot. Please park and carry your bag to the container. Please do not park in front of the container as you will block traffic.

Drop-Off Regulations

  • Organic materials must be brought to the Coon Rapids Recycling Center.
  • This service is available for all Anoka County residents.
  • Organic material must be brought in certified compostable bags available at the Recycling Center.
  • Bags are available for free. 3 gallon bags are located on the fence behind the container, or you can get a rolls of 3 gallon (25) or 13 gallon (12) inside the recycling center during regular hours. (also free)
  • If purchasing compostable products, be sure to look for this logo. All approved products must have this logo to be used in organics programs.

    BPI logo
Organics Bucket

What can be recycled with organics?

Spoiled leftovers Plastics or recyclable paper
Meat, bones, fish, poultry Microwave popcorn bags
Fruit scraps and pits Diapers and wipes
Vegetable scraps Garden/yard waste
Dairy products Candles or wax
Grease, gravy, sauce Candy/chip wrappers
Coffee grounds & filters Gum
Paper towels & napkins Dental floss
Paper egg cartons Detergents
Pizza boxes Paper plates/cups
Paper bags Personal sanitary items
Kleenex Wood scraps

Kitchen Compost Bucket

Discard food waste and food-soiled paper from meals, your refrigerator, and the pantry into a kitchen compost bucket, separate from your other household trash. Use a kitchen scraps recycling setup that is most convenient for you and your household. Buckets are available for purchase.

Compostable Bags

These special bags are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute as compostable and will break down with the organic materials. They are designed to hold your food waste and won't break. The 3-gallon lines fit in the kitchen compost buckets and the 13-gallon liners fit a standard kitchen size waste container. Bags are available for purchase at the drop-off site.

Paper Grocery Bags

Paper grocery bags will be allowed to be used for those of you using this program for non-recyclable paper items.

Other Liner Options

Some households prefer to line the compost bucket with newspaper, a paper bag, or an empty paperboard carton. These items are able to be composted right along with the kitchen scraps.

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