Turn over a new leaf! 

Sign up to power your home with renewable energy! 

Currently, more than 500 homes in Coon Rapids subscribe to renewable energy programs. You can be next! 

When you join the challenge, you’ll be supporting renewable energy sources, which reduces carbon emissions and helps the City meet our Energy Action Plan goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 35% by 2030!

Goal: Add 60 new renewable energy subscribers.


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Step 1: Subscribe to Renewable Energy

Both Xcel Energy and Connexus® Energy have subscription programs available that allow homeowners and renters to opt-in to using solar and/or wind energy, without installing any equipment at your home. 

There are flexible subscription levels that allow you to support wind turbines and/or solar arrays located in Minnesota. 

  • Determine who you purchase your electricity from using this map, or looking at past electricity statements
  • Visit your electricity provider's online registration page to sign up for renewable energy
    • Sign up for Xcel Energy's renewable program
    • Sign up for Connexus® Energy's renewable program

Step 2: Tell Us You've Turned Over a New Leaf!

Once you've signed up for your renewable energy subscription, complete a short form to let us know. Rocky will "turn over" a new golden leaf with your name on it! 

Tell us you've subscribed with this online form

Let's get all 60 leaves to turn gold!