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Partners in Energy

Partners in Energy is an Xcel Energy program that provides communities services to develop and implement an energy action plan. Coon Rapids has its own unique energy needs and priorities, and Partners in Energy helped create a plan that serves our community’s vision for reducing our greenhouse gas contributions.

Alongside community members, city staff, council, energy utilities, and sustainability commission members, Partners in Energy facilitated a community-led planning process of which the outcome was an Energy Action Plan.

Energy Action Plan 

The Energy Action Plan, approved by City Council in 2023, represents an important next step toward building Coon Rapid’s reputation as a sustainability leader.

This Energy Action Plan will help guide city staff and the sustainability commission in making high-impact progress to decrease emissions from energy through efficiency-related projects in the community. Click on the image above to read the full plan. 


The City of Coon Rapids’ Energy Action Plan will benefit the community as a whole, including residents, business owners and visitors, as well as the infrastructure and institutions that support them. This plan positions the City of Coon Rapids as a leader in energy and supports generations of community members and visitors. Created and supported by community stakeholders, this plan creates financial savings, while reducing the effects of climate change.

Community Goal

Coon Rapids will reduce greenhouse gas emissions 35% by 2030, resulting in substantial energy costs avoided for the Coon Rapids community.

GHG Goal

Focus Areas

The Energy Action Plan has two main focus areas that cross multiple sectors. 

Focus Areas of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Plan Impact

The success of this plan can help our community avoid spending nearly $5 million* on top of a business as usual (BAU) scenario by 2030. The 2022 baseline of greenhouse gas emissions avoidance is calculated from an average of three years (2019-2021) of energy data from all energy utilities in Coon Rapids.

* This number is estimated based on the community’s current energy savings at 2022 rates.

Plan ImpactGet Involved

  1. Homeowners and Renters
  2. Businesses
  3. Multi-Family Properties
  4. Organizations

From adjusting your behavior to replacing old equipment, you can decrease your energy usage and costs, and your environmental impact.

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