Paint Recycling

New in 2022

Starting February 1, the Coon Rapids Recycling Center is adding paint to the list of acceptable recyclables. Up to five gallon containers will be accepted. There is a 100 gallon limit per visit.


  • Interior and exterior architectural paints: latex, acrylic, water-based, alkyd, oil-based, enamel
  • Deck coatings, floor paints
  • Primers, sealers, undercoats
  • Stains
  • Shellacs, lacquers, varnishes, urethanes
  • Waterproofing concrete/masonry/wood sealers and repellents
  • Metal coatings, rust preventatives
  • Field and lawn paint

Not Accepted

  • Paint thinners, solvents
  • Aerosol paints (spray cans)
  • Auto and marine paints
  • Roof patch and repair
  • Asphalt, tar
  • Deck cleaners

Items not accepted can be brought to the Anoka County Hazardous Waste Facility located in Blaine. Call 763-324-3400 for location details.

Photo of paint cans with words: Now Collecting Paint, Coon Rapids Recycling Center