Thielke Kitchen Remodel

Happiness...In the Kitchen

Brad and Cindy Thielke are no strangers to home remodeling projects. Living in their split-level home near Riverview Park since 1976, they expanded the house as their family expanded. An addition of a family room in 1989, and a master bathroom and bedroom addition in 1999 allowed them to have more space to enjoy. But the kitchen was not inviting at all. Original harvest gold countertops, old appliances, a limited amount of storage and the tight space made it difficult to entertain. Then…inspiration. The Thielke's read about the Home for Generations II program in the City newsletter and were intrigued.

Cindy Thielke says, Any help you can get is great! We were so excited to get started and decided to make our dream kitchen a reality. 

The Thielke's dream kitchen involved re-arranging their existing space. They decided to take down a wall that separated the kitchen from a formal living room, which they rarely used. The new open canvass allowed for a whole new kitchen and dining room design! Their complete remodel includes: all new kitchen cabinets with self-closing drawers and doors (a favorite!), granite countertops, a beautiful center island with large serving area and autumn blush Cherrywood to contrast with the white kitchen cabinets, new hardwood flooring that connects with the existing hardwood flooring from the old living room and all new lighting.

The Thielke's say they love their new space. When asked if they're glad they did the remodeling project, Cindy smiled and said Oh my gosh, it's the best! We wish the kitchen had always been like this!&

Brad Thielke says, The process of going through the program was painless. We would highly recommend the Home for Generations II program. With the grant incentive, building permit rebates and easy-to-understand process with City staff, it really is easy for homeowners to make their remodeling dreams a reality.&

The Thielke's home will be one of six featured on the Home Remodeling Tour, coming up Sunday, May 21, 2017, from 12 to 4 p.m. The addresses of the homes will be posted on the City website starting May 1 and a special mailing will be sent to all Coon Rapids homeowners.

The Home for Generations II program at a glance:

Maximum Grant: $5,000

Minimum Project Amount: $35,000

(project must include major remodeling such as removing walls, complete bathroom or kitchen remodels, additions, basement finishes, etc.)

Rebate: 50% of building permit fees

Financing: 4.5% fixed up to $50,000

Architectural Consultation: $25 co-pay

Income Limit: None

Minimum Age of House: 20 years

Availability: First come, first served

Homeowners who increase their home's curb appeal will be awarded a larger grant than those who complete only interior projects or whose exterior projects are more maintenance-related. Find out more today! Visit the City's website for more information, or contact Kristin at 763-767-6517 or by email. Financing for this home improvement program is available through the Coon Rapids Mortgage Assistance Foundation. Loans up to $50,000 are available at a fixed interest rate of 4.5%.

The Thielke's kitchen before featured harvest gold countertops, limited counter space and minimal storage. A wall separated the kitchen from a formal living room at the front of the house which they rarely used.

Interior of kitchen with wooden cabinets

The Thielke's kitchen after the remodel features an open kitchen and dining area, new large center island, granite countertops, cabinets, lighting and hardwood floors. They love the new open concept for entertaining!

Kitchen after remodel with modernized cabinets

When asked if they're happy they did the remodel, Cindy Thielke smiled and said "Oh my gosh, it's the best! I wish the kitchen had always been like this!"

Brad and Cindy Thielke in remodeled kitchen