Permit/New Construction Review

Posted 9-18-17

The Assessing Department has mailed postcards to properties where there was a building permit pulled this year or an incomplete project from last year. The postcard information is below:

Assessing records indicate either:
  • A recent building permit is associated with your property.
  • An incomplete or ongoing project is associated with your property.
  • There has been a recent sales transaction of your property.

    Appraisers from the Assessing Department are required to view these projects and determine the impact on your property value.  Although building inspectors may have already checked the progress or finalized the project, an appraiser now needs to view what was done. Even though it may or may not be complete, allowing the appraiser to see what was done will result in a more accurate assessment of its impact rather than estimating the impact, which they will be required to do.

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